Mini Alloy Inlet Manifold - 1.5/1.75" Carbs

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Alloy water heated inlet manifold for classic Mini models fitted with 1.5" HS4 or HIF38 carburettors and 1.75" HIF44 or HS6 carburettors.

Mini alloy inlet manifold for models fitted with the SU 1.5" HS4/ HIF38 and 1.75" HIF44/ HS6 Carburettors, to help increase airflow in to the engine, also allow fitment of a LCB Exhaust Manifold with performance exhaust systems.

Manufactured by Mini Sport in cast aluminium with optimised air flow inlet tubes, this inlet manifiold is used in all Mini Sport Tuning Kits stage 1, 2 and 3, a very popular and simple tuning addition to any carburettor Mini.

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ManufacturerMini Sport
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Bust79.5cm / 31"82cm / 32"84.5cm / 33"89.5cm / 35"94.5cm / 37"99.5cm / 39"
Waist61.5cm / 24"64cm / 25"66.5cm / 26"71.5cm / 28"76.5cm / 30"81.5cm / 32"
Hip86.5cm / 34"89cm / 35"91.5cm / 36"96.5cm / 38"101.5cm / 40"106.5cm / 42"


Neck37cm / 14.5"38cm /15"39.5cm / 15.5"41cm / 16"42cm / 16.5"43cm / 17"
Chest86.5cm / 34"91.5cm / 36"96.5cm / 38"101.5cm / 40"106.5cm / 42"111.5cm / 44"
Waist71.5cm / 28"76.5cm / 30"81.5cm / 32"86.5cm / 34"91.5cm / 36"96.5cm / 38"
Seat90cm / 35.4"95cm / 37.4"100cm / 39.4"105cm / 41.3"110cm / 43.3"115cm / 45.3"